Antelope Hills Golf Courses

Antelope Hills Golf Courses is a distinctive landmark nestled in Prescott, AZ. With its stunning landscape, top-quality facilities, and proximity to key amenities, this golfing haven provides a truly exceptional experience for golf enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Situated in the heart of Prescott, Antelope Hills Golf Courses offer two 18-hole championship courses, known as North Course and South Course. Each course boasts meticulously manicured fairways, undulating greens, and breathtaking views of the surrounding Granite Dells and Bradshaw Mountains. Designed by renowned architect Lawrence M. Hughes, these courses offer a challenging but rewarding game for players of all skill levels.

Not only does Antelope Hills Golf Courses offer unparalleled golfing opportunities, but it also holds great significance within the local community. The courses have been a popular destination for both residents and visitors since their establishment in the 1950s. Many golfers consider this landmark an integral part of Prescott’s rich history and tradition.

Apart from its rich historical value, Antelope Hills Golf Courses also benefit from their strategic location, surrounded by a variety of amenities. After a satisfying round of golf, players can unwind at the clubhouse that overlooks the picturesque landscapes. The clubhouse features a pro shop stocked with top-notch golf equipment, trendy apparel, and accessories to enhance your game. Additionally, the on-site restaurant provides a delightful dining experience, serving delicious cuisine and refreshing beverages.

Beyond the golf courses themselves, the area surrounding Antelope Hills offers numerous attractions for visitors to explore. Just a short drive away, you’ll find the breathtaking Granite Dells, famous for its unique rock formations and hiking trails. Also nearby is Watson Lake, a popular destination for fishing, boating, and picnicking. With its close proximity to downtown Prescott, visitors can easily access charming shops, art galleries, museums, and other local points of interest.

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To learn more about Antelope Hills Golf Courses and all they have to offer, we invite you to visit their official website. Discover the rich heritage, awe-inspiring scenery, and exceptional golfing opportunities that make this landmark an irreplaceable part of Prescott, AZ.