Cleaner Guidelines

Contractor Requirements

Desert First Cleaning, LLC only works with cleaning subcontractors. We will provide you with jobs on a contractual basis.

  • General Liability insurance is required to work with us. You must provide proof of insurance within 30 days of your first job.
  • We will report your income to the IRS, and will need to fill out a 1099 for us before we can pay you over $600.

Material, Transportation and Equipment Requirements

Desert First Cleaning does not provide any materials or equipment to our subcontractors. You are required to furnish your own transportation, equipment, and supplies. You are required to bring your supplies and equipment to each job. We will not continue to send you jobs if you fail to bring supplies and equipment, or use the customers supplies and equipment.


Desert First Cleaning has several requirements on each job. Please ensure you take the following steps for each job:

  • Send an ETA text or call when you are on the way to the job
  • Send a text or call on arrival
  • Take pictures before starting work
  • Take pictures after completing work
  • Walk through the property with the customer before leaving
  • Send all pictures after the conclusion of the job
  • If you are concerned for your safety at a customers property, leave immediately
  • If you find yourself in an uncomfortable position with the customer, call us immediately.. We will handle the situation.
  • If a customer asks you to do work that is outside the checklist or the scope of work we’ve provided you with, contact us to require the customer
  • If the customers property is unmanageable, or the job is unreasonable, contact us to re quote and reschedule the clean 
  • If it’s a standard clean follow the relevant checklist for general cleaning or deep cleaning
  • If it’s not a standard clean, follow the customers’ and our instructions to the best of your ability

Before and after pictures are taken for your and our protection. We will use them to resolve disputes with clients if they claim you did not perform your responsibilities. If the client requests that you don’t take pictures, please don’t take any pictures.


Desert First Cleaning pays with CashApp. You must send a request for each job upon completion. We may pay out immediately after receiving customer payment, but we reserve the right to pay on Fridays and Mondays for jobs.