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Desert First Cleaning is a professional cleaning service provider based in Dewey, Arizona. In this case study, we will discuss a recent engagement with a customer who required bathroom and wall cleaning services.

Customer Background

The customer, contacted Desert First Cleaning to inquire about their services. The customer mentioned that she needed assistance with cleaning one bathroom and the walls in her home. She expressed her difficulty in performing these tasks herself due to age-related limitations.

Engagement Process

During the initial phone call, The customer inquired about the possibility of receiving an estimate over the phone. Our representative, Jene Rose, informed her that an estimate could indeed be provided via phone call. Jene Rose proceeded to gather the necessary information from The customer to create her profile.

Cleaning Plan

Based on The customer's specific requirements, Desert First Cleaning offered an estimate for an hourly job. The minimum duration for each visit was set at 2.5 hours, with a cost of $187.50. The customer expressed her belief that the cleaning would not take more than 2 hours, to which Jene Rose acknowledged and made note of.

Scheduling and Pricing

The customer informed Jene Rose that she needed the service as soon as possible, as she wanted to hang pictures but couldn't do so until the walls were cleaned. Jene Rose assured her that an appointment would be scheduled promptly. After confirming The customer's location in Dewey, Arizona, Jene Rose sent her a text message with a link to the booking summary.

Customer Interaction

Desert First Cleaning emphasized their customer-centric approach by informing The customer that payment would only be processed once the job was completed. They also encouraged a walk-through with the cleaner before their departure. The customer confirmed receiving the text message and expressed her satisfaction with the communication.

Payment and Gratuity

As the conversation progressed, The customer provided her contact number for the cleaner to call upon reaching Old Cherry Road, a landmark near her location. Jene Rose assured her that the cleaner, Barbara, would contact her accordingly. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Michaela was assigned as the cleaner for the appointment.


Desert First Cleaning successfully completed the cleaning service for the customer, who expressed her satisfaction with the outcome. She said:

Very good. Verry satisfied.

Desert First Cleaning strives to provide exceptional cleaning services to customers in Dewey, Arizona, and surrounding areas. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail sets them apart in the industry.

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