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Our customer, located in Prescott Valley, reached out to Desert First Cleaning for a move out cleaning service for a one-bedroom basement apartment.

Customer Background

The customer contacted us to schedule a cleaning for her son's one-bedroom basement apartment as they were moving out. The apartment was approximately 1300 sqft and still had some furniture in it.

Engagement Process

Our customer inquired about availability and pricing for the cleaning service, and we were able to schedule a cleaner for Thursday morning. She filled out the booking form on our website to confirm the appointment.

Cleaning Plan

Our cleaning plan included cleaning the walls, baseboards, and oven in the apartment. We ensured that all visible areas were thoroughly cleaned, even with some furniture still present.

Scheduling and Pricing

The total cost for the cleaning service was $282.50, and the cleaner assigned to the job was Stephanie. Payment was to be processed after the cleaning was completed to our customer's satisfaction.

Customer Interaction

Throughout the process, we maintained clear communication with the customer to address any specific instructions, such as the location of the apartment and the need to notify her son before completion.

Payment and Gratuity

After the cleaning, our customer expressed her satisfaction with the service and authorized payment. She also appreciated the attention to detail in identifying maintenance issues within the apartment.


Our customer's positive feedback and willingness to recommend our services to others showcase our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality cleaning services.

Thank you, for choosing Desert First Cleaning for your move out cleaning needs in Prescott Valley!

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