Move Out Cleaning in a Basement Apartment in Prescott Valley

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Welcome to Desert First Cleaning's case study! In this case study, we will share the experience of one of our valued customers in Prescott Valley, Arizona. We will provide an overview of the customer's background, the engagement process, the cleaning plan, scheduling and pricing, customer interaction, payment and gratuity, and conclude with their overall satisfaction.

Customer Background

Our customer, who prefers to remain anonymous, contacted us through a phone call. They were in need of a cleaning service for their son's one-bedroom basement apartment in Prescott Valley. The customer mentioned that their son and his roommate were moving out, and they needed a thorough cleaning before the move-out.

Engagement Process

During the phone call, our representative, Jene Rose, assisted the customer in scheduling the cleaning service. Jene confirmed the availability for Thursday morning and provided a rough estimate of the pricing, which was around $300 for a move-in, move-out cleaning of a 1,300 square feet one-bedroom apartment.

Cleaning Plan

As the apartment was furnished, the customer inquired about the possibility of moving the furniture during the cleaning process. Jene explained that due to liability reasons, they couldn't move the furniture but assured the customer that they would clean around it. Jene also mentioned that cleaning the walls was an essential part of the move-in, move-out cleaning, and they would clean all the walls that were not covered by furniture.

Scheduling and Pricing

After reviewing the booking, Jene adjusted the order and informed the customer that the walls, baseboards, and oven were included in the cleaning package. Jene provided the final total of $282.50 and assigned a cleaner named Courtney to the job.

Customer Interaction

The customer expressed their gratitude for Jene's friendly and helpful nature during the conversation. They appreciated Jene's assistance and confirmed that their son would be present during the cleaning process to handle the payment and other necessary tasks.

Payment and Gratuity

Jene explained the payment process, stating that they would take the customer's card details upfront but wouldn't charge until the cleaning was complete. They assured the customer that they would give a call after the cleaning to ensure their satisfaction before processing the payment. The customer mentioned that their son would handle the payment on-site.


Desert First Cleaning dispatched a cleaner named Stephanie to the customer's son's basement apartment. Throughout the cleaning process, Jene maintained communication with the customer, providing updates and addressing any concerns. The customer expressed their satisfaction with the service and appreciated the professionalism of the cleaner. Desert First Cleaning ensured that the cleaning was thorough and included additional services such as addressing furniture repairs and wobbly items.

Desert First Cleaning values customer satisfaction and strives to provide exceptional cleaning services. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our customers and make their spaces clean and comfortable.

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