The Fine Print

Terms of Service


  • We prefer to take your card information over the phone, place a hold on your card, and bill the card after the job has been completed.
  • We can email an invoice for services you schedule with us. These invoices must be paid by 24 hours prior to the scheduled cleaning, otherwise we will reschedule or refund your service.

Customer Satisfaction

  • If you are not completely satisfied with our cleaning services, we’ll come back and redo any missed spots/areas free of charge. Or, if you’d rather, we’ll refund a portion of what you paid for our service.
  • If you choose to dispute our payment after service is rendered, and the walkthrough is complete, we will automatically charge your card for the full amount of the clean, the dispute fee, and a $150 convenience charge. 

Scope of Service

  • Our services include spot cleaning of walls. However, cleaning stains or marks due to smoking, grease, water, or other wear and tear is not included and requires a specialist.
  • If we arrive at the home/business and it is significantly worse than discussed, an additional minimum charge of $200 will be assessed (depending on severity) if you wish for us to continue the cleaning. Otherwise, we will reschedule or refund your service for a $50 fee.
  • If we encounter a live insect infestation during a cleaning service, we will stop the clean and leave immediately. We will charge a $50 service fee for travel, and any work done.
  • During a cleaning service, if dead insects are present (whether unknown or discussed prior to cleaning), we will charge a $50 fee to dispose of them.
  • If we encounter a stain that cannot be removed with normal cleaning and chemicals, we will not refund that portion of the service.
  • If you prevent the cleaner from completing any agreed upon service, we will not refund that portion of the invoice.


  • During a cleaning service, if a health or safety hazard is discovered (i.e., blood, feces, weapons, drugs, etc.), we will stop the cleaning and leave the premises. We will contact you immediately to discuss next steps.
  • If our cleaners arrive at your home/business and there is a child under 16 years old but no adult present, we will leave the premises and reschedule or refund the service, free of charge.
  • Regarding moving-related cleanings, for liability reasons, the home/business must be completely empty OR all that remains must be kept in one room behind a closed door that we will not enter or clean. If you are leaving furniture, please let us know before your service.
  • If your home is occupied, we will not clean or organize the interior of your closets or drawers to respect your privacy.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Fees

  • If you cancel or reschedule a service within 24 hours of the service appointment time frame, we will charge a fee:
    • $75 for cancellations
    • $50 for reschedules